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Group Therapy: Why is Burnout Still Sexy?

01 Sep 2021
Let's Do London

It’s 2021 – the events industry is back, but is it better? We have all been changed by the pandemic. But we’re all working like its 2001.

Have we slipped back in to toxic, unbalanced ways-of-working where stress is a badge of honour and self-care is unheard of?

Or do we say ‘no, we can do better’?

Now is the moment where we get to decide how we want our industry to be. In this group-therapy style session we explore why we seem to be working harder than ever, what effect it is having on us, and try to come up with three commandments we can move forward with to redress that balance.

Join a panel of passionate event professionals for a shared conversation on how we build a brighter, more sustainable industry that benefits us all.

Shonali Devereaux, Co-founder / Director - Diverse Speaker Bureau

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