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From Invisible to Influencer for #eventprofs

01 Sep 2021
Keynote Theatre

When it comes to building our own profile as #eventprofs, sometimes we're the last to get the attention we deserve in our careers!

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you had the courage to put yourself out there more? To become an Influencer to those around you? To become a lot more visible than you are now?

If you would like to build your profile and confidence, maybe change your job, build a new career, launch a new freelance business or switch to something else, then this is the presentation for you.

The presentation draws on a combination of 25+ years of PR and transformational coaching to offer a profile-building strategy that starts with discovering who you really are and what you’d really like to achieve.

Discover the five most important strategies to grow your personal profile and build 10/10 confidence in your career and your direction in life.

AND how to do all of this whilst also discovering when you are at your best and living a purposeful life.

Ken Kelling, Life Coach at Sense of Purpose Coaching - Sense of Purpose Coaching

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