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Events with purpose – a manifesto for conference and events professionals to support the longevity of our industry by creating events that deliver genuine impact.

23 Jun 2021
Keynote Theatre
Our industry is being disrupted; zoom fatigue, how hybrid will be part of live, corporate travel policies post-pandemic, the impact of homeworking, bringing the accessibility / diversity of virtual to live, the sustainability of live and how the climate crisis will impact event travel. The question: what makes an event purposeful and impactful? We need to create events with purpose to deliver impact to your communities. The Events with Purpose Manifesto - a call to action supporting the longevity of our industry by creating events delivering measurable impact – helps event planners level up. How do purposeful events create impactful change? How do you take participants on a journey, making the experience personal? How do you bring your event story to life with your participants are the characters? Explore the Event Narrative Framework, a tool to help you create your purpose-led event proposition, tell your event’s story, and bring your participants on a journey for genuine impact.
Sasha Frieze, Managing Director - The Business Narrative

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