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Designing the Future of Brand Experience

02 Sep 2021
Brand Experience Theatre

Brand researchers in the Journal of Marketing define brand experience as “sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioural responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand's design and identity, packaging, communications, and environments.” All of the individual exposures or touchpoints taken together make up the experience. So, in other words brand experience is literally everything you have seen, heard, felt or even smelled or tasted about a brand. A great brand experience needs to be designed with a deep and empathetic understanding of the audience. Event audiences are no longer happy to be one of the crowd. They will insist that events and brand experiences recognise them and know what they value. The very best brand experiences will be those that are designed to be authentic, relevant, personalised, engaging, enjoyable and shareable. This session will explore the changing nature of brand experience and will look into new approaches to experience design.

Kim Myhre, Managing Partner - Experience Designed

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