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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Punk Business for Events

29 Feb 2024
The Power of Events Theatre
The Power of Events Theatre

Ready to tell the corporate overlords where to stick it? Whether you're an aspiring start-up maverick, a cubicle-confined drone, or even a suit at the boardroom table, this talk is for you. We're shredding the conventional business playbook to confetti. For those who find 'profit' inspiring but 'cubicle' soul-crushing, we reveal how to channel your inner rebel not just to rake in the dough, but to make a meaningful impact and live a life you're stoked about. Ditch the neckties and nix the snooze-fest meetings; we're diving into DIY ethics and radical self-expression. Turn the dial up to 11—because just like punk rock, the events business should kick ass and life-affirming.

Simon Burton, CEO - Exposure Communications


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