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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Understanding what conference attendees want - an interactive session

28 Feb 2024
Event Tech Theatre
Event Tech Theatre

This interactive session will involve examining the findings of the recent "Freeman Trends Report: Attendee Intent and Behavior, January 16th 2024". We'll actually briefly try out some of the session formats and ideas raised in the report as well.

Based on our experience of working with a wide range of academic and scientific conferences, we will pull out and discuss what we think are the important lessons from the report for conference organisers. What do conference attendees want more of in 2024 and what do they want to stop? How can we best deliver this as conference organisers and event suppliers?

Join this session if you are interested in exploring this topic with us and your fellow experts in the audience.

Raymond Elferink, Co-founder - Kubify
Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Co-founder - Kubify


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