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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


'Its all about the journey: customer experience...'

29 Feb 2024
Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
Marketing Excellence Theatre

Have you ever seen a customer journey like a double decker bus? No? Well, customer experience has many diversions, bus stops but also comfortable 'seats'. Moments that are captured and allow an individual to go on a journey while in an engaged environment. Matthew will take the audience to new heights to discuss why in events we must think about - emotional arousal, the drop, takeaways and destinations…in more than what has been spoken about so far. The fan, guest, visitor, customer, consumer…and all the rest - have now changed and so is customer experience. With an array of excitement and surprise - this talk is one that will capture the imagination and allow individuals to be immersed in everything customer experience. But more than this - the talk will feature a 40 foot roll of wallpaper that will create an interactive engagement of everything - customer journey.

Matthew Lamb, Director - This is EventoS


Live Captions Provider