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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Investing in the industry's future talent through apprenticeships

29 Feb 2024
The Power of Events Theatre
The Power of Events Theatre

Discover how apprenticeships play a key part in developing and upskilling the workforce and how they build businesses back stronger.

The events sector stands as one of the leading industries in the UK, boasting a workforce of 500-700K and contributing to £60 billion to the UK economy. Despite its significance, this sector, comprising mainly small businesses, often goes unnoticed.

These unsung heroes within the industry are the driving force behind the scenes, making events happen. However, attracting and retaining talent has proven to be a persistent challenge, exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our industry, apprenticeships remain an underutilised resource. The objective of this presentation is to shed light on the benefits of apprenticeships and to outline the recruitment and development processes of apprenticeship programmes within organisations.

The aim is to dispel the misconception that apprenticeships are solely for entry-level positions. On the contrary, they play a pivotal role in career development and continuous learning.

Given the substantial skills gap prevalent in our sector, apprenticeships emerge as a way to address and bridge the gap, ensuring a more robust and skilled workforce in the future.

Anna Green, Managing Director - Broadsword
Dale Parmenter, CEO - DPRG
Lou Kiwanuka, Owner and Founder - The Ops Nest
Richard Waddinton, Director - EAAB - (Events Apprenticeships Advisory Board)


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