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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Investing in Personal Development

29 Feb 2024
People & Culture Theatre
People & Culture Theatre

This session highlights the symbiotic relationship between personal and professional development in the context of event organisations. The first focus is on actionable strategies for organisational benefit, emphasising evidence-based approaches. Equal opportunities for all team members to invest in growth not only enhance diversity and inclusivity but also boost overall engagement, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

The second aspect guides individuals on investing in personal development. From self-assessment tools to setting personalised goals, attendees will learn practical ways to take ownership of their growth journey. By emphasising a proactive approach, individuals will gain insights on navigating and capitalising on diverse development opportunities, contributing not only to personal success but also to the overall prosperity of the event organisation.

Noah Evans-Wicks, Learning & Development Manager - KERB Food


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