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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


How to make your event website SEO good – the ultimate guide.

28 Feb 2024
Exhibition Pavilion Theatre
Exhibition Pavilion Theatre

Jon MonkFor many, SEO is the monster under the bed. Join ASP’s SEO Supremo, Jon Monk, who’s here to take away those SEO night terrors. From keywords to utilising AI he’ll give you the SEO essentials that will make your website SEO good:

How to Enhance Your Event Website with Effective SEO

In today's digital era, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is pivotal in increasing your event's online visibility and attracting targeted attendees. This session delves into the importance of SEO in elevating your event's discoverability, drawing in an audience keen on your event theme, and ultimately boosting registrations and engagement. Learn cost-effective marketing strategies that outperform traditional advertising methods, ensuring your event not only reaches but resonates with your intended audience.

Key Highlights:

  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Discover why SEO is a more budget-friendly approach to market your event compared to conventional advertising.
  • Discovering Search Demand: Engage in keyword research to identify if there's an existing interest for your event, utilising brainstorming and various SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Keg to uncover search volume and interest levels.
  • Optimisation Strategies: Uncover the secrets to optimising your event pages by mapping out pages to target keywords effectively. Learn how to enhance crucial elements such as URLs, Page Titles, H1 Tags, and Text Content with tools like to not only meet but exceed search intent.
  • Creating Value for Visitors: Understand the importance of crafting a page that goes beyond SEO, offering valuable information to visitors. This includes detailed event topics, speaker profiles, exhibitor information, networking opportunities, a comprehensive FAQ section, and additional resources to enrich visitor engagement.

Join us to unlock the full potential of your event through strategic SEO, ensuring it reaches the right audience at the right time.


Elevate Your Event's SEO with Our Event SEO Masterclass

Discover the secrets to skyrocketing your event's online presence with our SEO Masterclass for Event Marketers, starting 5 June 2024. Led by Jon Monk and ASP's team of experts, this 4-week course is specifically tailored for the events industry, covering everything from keyword research to technical SEO and AI in content generation. Secure your spot now for a special introductory price of £795 plus VAT until the end of March 2024, and transform your team's SEO capabilities.

Explore SEO for Events Masterclass



Jonathon Monk, Head of Attendee Growth Services - ASP


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