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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Healthy People x Healthy Culture = Healthy Performance

28 Feb 2024
People & Culture Theatre
People & Culture Theatre

Wellbeing is common place, but how much of it is really shifting the needle?

This is not just another wellbeing session. This session will focus on the backdrop of the unique rhythm of the events industry and how it can help itself by helping people to master the dance between stress and recovery

A journey and "real life" look into how everyday habits impact our energy, wellbeing and performance in and out of work.

Giving the individual inspiration and energy to make small shifts in their personal habits that can transform their performance and indeed their life.

At the same time, starting a conversation around the workplace culture and how together we can connect the dots between wellbeing and performance and unlock the success formula of


Ideally we would like to have all attendees complete a quick 2 minute personal energy audit ahead of attending the session.

Mike Ford, Founder - Grateful Lemon


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