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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Have you thought about the psychology behind your events?

28 Feb 2024
People & Culture Theatre
People & Culture Theatre

Benckendorff and Pearce noted in their 2012 “The Psychology of Events” paper, that "The specialised area of social psychology, which can be succinctly defined as how other people influence behaviour, is particularly relevant to the management of events as leisure activities". When you’re running events, we of course view it from the perspective of our audience but Benckendorff and Pearce continue to note that people’s choice of events may follow a pattern or be totally unconventional! From this, we can infer that it may be a subconscious decision on their part.

As event management and planning is so high pressured, we don't always take the time to do a deep dive into the subconscious mind of our programmes or attendees. Join this session to hopefully take away one or two little bites of research to bring into your current working around the psychology of our delegates.

Kelly McCormack, Event Manager - The Events Psychologist


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