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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’: How to turn your Core Performers into Top Performers

28 Feb 2024
Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
Sales Excellence Theatre

In most businesses, the top 20% of sales reps are responsible for bringing in 80% of revenue.

The question is: What are these top performers doing differently?

In this session, Paul Cruise, Head of Sales Performance at Flume Sales Training will share a breakdown of top performing salespeople and help you create an action plan for transforming your sales team.

As an attendee you will:
· Learn how your sales team compares with top performing salespeople
· Identify blind spots where you may be losing revenue
· Receive a personalised report focused on how your sales team can excel

Paul Cruise, Head of Sales Performance - Flume Sales Training


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