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International Confex 2024

international confex 2023


Breaking Down Silos: How Marketing and Event Teams Can Collaborate to Achieve Success and Drive Impact

29 Feb 2024
Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre
Marketing Excellence Theatre

With 71% of corporate event teams now reporting into marketing, events have evolved into an integral channel for successful marketing campaigns. As events take centre stage in most marketing strategies, the need for collaboration between marketing teams and event teams has never been more critical for success.
But do you have the right tools to cultivate a culture of collaboration? Or are you hampered by manual processes and a lack of visibility? In this session, you’ll learn how marketing teams and event teams can work hand in hand to achieve success, whether that’s driving leads, increasing sales pipeline, or building brand awareness.
You’ll discover the most common challenges that hinder collaboration and how technology can overcome them. You’ll also learn how technology can assist in capturing valuable data, streamlining processes, and facilitating data sharing to optimise future strategies. By implementing the right processes and prioritising collaboration, you'll set your event marketing strategy up for success.

Felicia Asiedu, Marketing Director, Cvent Europe - Cvent


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