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The Secrets of High Performing Teams (That Leading Businesses Want Kept Quiet) – Business Growth

09 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre
Sales Excellence

Find out the core things all high performing teams have that make them, and the organisations they work in successful. Get projects done on time and on scope without pissing people off.

There are key things that all successful businesses share and it reaches their foundations and throughout their teams. There are always problems that feel like they were harder to solve than they should be. -And they probably were! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get what you want and keep people smiling at the same time (usually)?

In this session, you’ll hear the core things top-performing teams share as well as the ways you too can work to implement them where you work. If you run your business, you’ll learn how to get the most of your teams. If you run a team or work in a business, you’ll find out how to get more out of your leaders!


  1. A view on the core components of high performing teams
  2. Actionable tips on getting more out of leaders and team members
  3. Cheeky ways you can use these tools to get what you want
  4. A mini roadmap to building a kick-ass team that gets shit done

Key Audience:

  1. Anyone who runs a business and wants to scale
  2. Managers or Leaders in a business
  3. Members of teams who want more out of their work
Chris Simmance, Director - Chris Simmance Ltd