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The Rise of the Micro Studio: Mixing the Metaverse with In-Person Events to form the perfect Hybrid

09 Mar 2022
Event Tech Theatre
Sustainability , Event Tech , Marketing Innovation

Over the past two years, creating engaging and entertaining on-line events has been elusive.

While the large broadcasters pivoted quickly, using CGI 'virtual studios' within the Metaverse to go where restrictions wouldn't allow (the BBC's Tokyo Olympics for example), the events industry struggled to attract and retain viewers and sponsorship value.

In this session, you will hear how the recent convergence of technologies now means that the Virtual Production technology normally associated with major film and broadcasters can now be accessed by the majority of event producers.

And how this disruptive technology, brings the stickiness of broadcast programming to hybrid events, ensuring value for sponsors and entertainment for the viewers.

Rob Chandler, Founder - Morden Wolf Ltd