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The impact of the marketer and planner role shift

09 Mar 2022
Marketing Theatre
Marketing Innovation

According to a 2021 Forrester survey, prior to 2020, 66% of event managers executed events as experiences independent of marketing campaigns. Considering the impact events have on the overall marketing mix this statistic is staggering. But has all that shifted? Are planners and marketers now working hand in hand to deliver the full value of their events? Join Karen Carter, Director Enterprise Marketing and Felicia Asiedu, Senior Marketing Manager at Cvent Europe as they unpack the way organisations must embrace this newfound partnership to recover leads, pipeline, networking opportunities and revenue. Discover how to use these event formats to have a larger impact than before and deliver value to your organisation.

Felicia Asiedu, Senior Marketing Manager - Cvent
Karen Carter, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Europe - Cvent