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How to Market Your Event in 2022 - The Power of Digital

09 Mar 2022
Marketing Theatre
Event Tech , Marketing Innovation

Marketing trends are continuously evolving online with new ways people are searching, new innovative platforms along with a variety of new ads types. It can be hard to keep up! So how do you decide on platforms and ad types to ensure you grow your event whilst driving a strong ROI through these digital channels?

As paid media specialists focusing solely on events, Tag Digital are in the know with the latest digital innovations and best practices across all platforms for marketing your events.

Join Nicola to find out about the power of digital marketing, best practices and all the latest innovations to get your event to the forefront in 2022. Learn how to harness the power of search, social, display and video advertising to drive strong ROI for your events from digital.

Nicola Shaw, Head of Growth - Tag Digital