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Reuse / Recycle / Repurpose

08 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre

How sustainable is your exhibition stand/programme. We are committed to accelerating the event industry transition to a sustainable future, through our products and services. We work with customers & suppliers to ensure we giv practical guidance, whilst remaining commercial to support on environmental issues and any company charters whilst delivering stand out exhibition services that generate sales. We draw on expertise from across the sector, internally and externally to facilitate change. Here at Tecna UK, we are constantly adapting and evolving to become as eco-friendly as possible, ensuring we can provide a range of sustainable products, processes, and services. Hear how you can benefit from our approach. The T3 modular display system has transformed the exhibition environment with its modular capabilities. Stepping away from the single-use materials (like wood), T3 offers a greener and more sustainable way to create standout displays time and time again. Its reusable nature allows you to create multiple configurations for a range of different purposes, reducing waste and encouraging recyclability.

Additionally, the T3 system consists of durable, lightweight components, that can be packed down to reduce shipping and storage costs. To reduce environmental impact, T3 is also manufactured in the UK. Completely removing all waste within the exhibition process is pretty much impossible, but we need to start somewhere!

Simeon Wicks, Managing Director - Tecna UK