International Confex 2022

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Recruitment and Retention since the ""Great Resignation"". Winning Strategies for Building Cultures that Resonate.

08 Mar 2022
Let's Do London
Event Tech

The events sector is rebounding fast, but make no mistake, Coronavirus hit us hard. And no more so than in talent retention and recruitment. To stay relevant in 2022 and beyond, your business needs a world-class culture and foolproof methodology for making employees feel like superstars. This panel gives practical guidance for doing so, with a special focus on creating a physical enviroment that works in the hybrid age.

Edward Poland, Co-Founder - Hire Space
George Kapellos, Regional Head of Marketing - DiDi
Lauralee Whyte - Spectrum Speakers & Entertainers Ltd
Robert Kenward, Chief Cheerleader & Founder - The Hub Jobs