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Imagining the Event Agency of the Future

09 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre
Marketing Innovation

it’s a big ask for anyone to accurately predict the future. Many have tried with varying degrees of success.
But we can have a very direct influence on the future. We can see the signs, read the writing on the wall, wake up and smell the coffee and then take very specific actions to create the future outcomes we desire. In a world where things happen either by accident or by design, we have an obligation and opportunity to actively imagine and then create our own destiny.

Nowhere is this more possible than in the events world. We can very clearly see the industry changes and emerging trends like digitally enabled audiences, innovative event technologies, virtual and hybrid events, the increasing importance of purpose and sustainability, new event design approaches and a changing competitive landscape all of which will undoubtedly impact on our future.
The opportunity is to build out future scenarios that allow us to evaluate these trends and make decisions for our business based on our expectation for the future, not only on what we know now.

How might event agencies go about doing this? What tools might we apply and what skills and mindsets might we require?

Kim Myhre, Managing Partner - Experience Designed