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How to be a Great Event Presenter

09 Mar 2022
Corporate Event Forum
Sales Excellence , Marketing Innovation

This session will give you the tips and tricks you need on how to make sure your presentations at events, or at work in both virtual/hybrid events and face-to-face events the best they can be.

The event space is an exciting one to be in, but all too often speakers lack impact and don't make the most of the opportunity both personally and professionally. So if you want to get more out of your presentation this is the session for you.

Gareth Davies has worked in the media for over 20 years, producing some of the UK's best presenters - Dermot O'Leary, Graham Norton, Zoe Ball, Claudia Winkleman and global superstars like David Beckham, Madonna and Kylie.

He's also the CEO of The Presenter Studio that works with brands and helps them be better communicators - and his clients include Porsche, Red Bull, NIKE, Sage, Prudential, Vogue, GQ, ASOS, The Guardian, Amazon…

In this session Gareth will give you his top tips that you can go away and action that have helped create some of TV's biggest presenters, that he's passed on and developed for the corporate sector.

Gareth Davies, CEO - The Presenter Studio