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How can business entertaining address the new hybrid workplace

09 Mar 2022
Corporate Event Forum
Corporate Events

With social restrictions lifting, the volume of vaccinations on the rise and the Summer ‘Season’ on the horizon, people are more eager than ever to safely re-emerge from their COVID-19 quarantine. With employees enjoying more flexibility and a hybrid workplace, the office is increasingly becoming a hub for employees to interact, network and get creative, while WFH is where tasks are achieved.

No amount of technology and innovation will replace the importance of relationships in the business world and in order to build relationships and trust you need to meet, engage, and interact.

This session will look at how corporates are approaching their client engagement strategies in 2022, the hospitality events that are key, duty of care, how corporates are mitigating risk and what ticks the box for the emergent Gen-Z audience.

Alex is an engaging speaker and is respected by the national media for his insight and candour. In 2021 he was quick to re-align his business to address a new physical and digital guest at events and has since had the most successful year in business by facing the new rules of engagement face on.

Alex Hewitt, CEO - AOK Events