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FT Live - Hybrid event case study - Business of Football Summit

08 Mar 2022
Event Tech Theatre
Sustainability , Event Tech , Marketing Innovation

FT Live have been at the forefront of innovation in hybrid events. The pandemic gave them a glimpse of how they can curate events with speakers from all over the world. In the move back to physical events, FT Live tasked their production partners, Silverstream tv, to enable them to make the best of both worlds - with remote speakers interacting with the in-person speakers. In this session you'll learn how it worked in practice at the FT Business of Football Summit - a physical event in London with senior figures from the football industry beaming in from all over the world. You'll be able to see how it looked from a delegates perspective and pick up top tips on how to make your event hybrid.

Daniel Greenwood, Director of Event Delivery - FT Live at The Financial Times
Simon Walton, Creative Director - Silverstream TV