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Event marketing and social media personalisation: The importance of the conversation

09 Mar 2022
Marketing Theatre
Marketing Innovation

Social media has become one of the most important ways brands communicate with the public. One of the features of social media marketing is that it encourages a two-way conversation between companies and consumers, creating a valuable feedback loop that helps brands produce the products that consumers want. When people feel listened to, they respond with brand loyalty.

The key to creating meaningful connections through social media is personalisation. From analysing your audience’s needs to tracking your performance and creating high quality content, personalisation should take the lead in every aspect of your social media marketing strategy.

This session will discuss what personalisation is and how you can apply it to your brand and/or event.

Learn how to:

  • Build relationships with your audience using the human touch
  • Use personalisation to increase brand awareness and generate leads
  • Keep your audience engaged with a consistent brand voice
  • Take advantage of the latest trends to improve your social media game
Johnny D. Martinez, Head of Marketing & Business Development - Shocklogic