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Conference 2032: How will global industry trends affect association meetings in ten years’ time?

08 Mar 2022
ABPCO Association Event Forum
Sustainability , People & Culture , Event Tech , Association Events

Over the last two years there has been a paradigm shift in how the events industry operates. Postcovid, conference planners are now operating in a world where technology is embraced, rather than feared, and where for associations, online learning is just another string to their bow. From an attendee perspective, deciding whether or not to attend a conference is much more complex than it used to be. Not least, the decision of whether to attend in person or online, which wasn’t readily available prior to 2020. How will these complexities and motivations continue to evolve? This interactive talk will explore research that has already been conducted, and combine that with predicted industry trends, and extrapolate likely influences on live events over the next ten years. Topics covered will include travel, hospitality, sustainability, wellbeing, inclusivity and accessibility, food and beverage, data and privacy, technology and finance. Part of the talk will involve a series of polls and engagement opportunities in order to measure the thoughts of the audience on its findings, which, combined with the initial research, will form the basis of a white paper on the future of association events.

Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director - Brightelm