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Anything is Possible

09 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre
People & Culture

Anything is Possible is one of our brand values and my mantra. After recovering from severe OCD in 2011 – the blinkers came off and I thought if I can beat that what else can I do? I founded Make Events July 15th 2012.

Starting from the dining room table with no contacts, we have delivered events for twitter, Kellogg, Virgin, My Protein, Puma, Garmin to name a few. We completely bootstrapped the business. Pre covid we had 18 staff and 3.5 million revenue. I often got asked who was the investor? As if I couldn’t possibly do it on my own! In March 2020 our predicted pipeline of 4 million dropped out and we didn’t deliver another live event for 18 months. We pivoted and went into the world of virtual and gifting; with new revenue streams but lost 75% of our annual revenue. We sustained losses month on month and continue to do so. I probably sound mad for keeping it going whilst so many other agencies closed, but Make Events is my legacy, the proof that you can beat mental health issues and create the most amazing future.

When everything was bleak I pictured myself getting us to the end of Covid and been able to stand on a stage and tell our story and it would be the ultimate of Anything is Possible.

Anything is Possible is the story of a female founded business and a woman determined to Rise. I am so passionate about it that I have created it as an internal personal development plan for the team. With time always being the main complaint about the industry, that isn't something fundamentally we can change but we can give them tools outside their working life to make it better.

This talk would tell what it takes mentally to get through the dark times, because there will always be dark times, the tools I have learnt over the years I applied during 2020 and 2021. I hope to inspire that it is possible to set up from scratch with no borrowing and investment and how to ride the storm. Using exerts from my Covid diary and real facts and figures I hope to make people believe Anything is Possible.

Holly Moore, CEO & Founder - Make Events Ltd