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Exhibitor Videos

international confex 2023

10 Jan 2022

Digital Booth

Event Rhino Stand: H22C

As well as pictures our Reflection Booth also offers boomerangs, special FX video, Instagram filters including beauty filter and black and white to outputs to give that WOW factor! Capture GDPR compliant data from the booth, perfect for re marketing, our visual analytics software will even let you know your target audience by recognising the gender and age of the people using the booth and where they share their branded images and the reach and engagement it received on socials. 

Although designed to be digital, if you want prints with that... no problem!

Digital Branding

The booth boasts a 40" monitor in the column perfect for digital branding and animations

Digital Scratch Card and Spin to Win

Our competition feature comprises of two options: Spin-to-win and Scratch-to-win.

You just need to choose which competition type you would like to set up and then, depending on your choice, you can then customize the following:

  • Competition background
  • Losing image
  • Done Button
  • Prize Builder
  • Scratch cover image (for scratch and win) 

Your prize builder will be where you set your winning ratios and add your prizes.
We will also upload a scratch prize image and a full-screen winning image.

In the prize builder we will also further upload the following graphics per prize added:

  • Prize name
  • Spin prize image
  • Fullscreen winning image
  • Winning image

We can set a winning chance %.
We can set a minimum duration between wins; prize win limit and max losing entry count before forced win.