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international confex 2023

Vintage Booth

Enchanted Magic Mirror Stand: C32C
  • Vintage Booth
  • Vintage Booth
  • Vintage Booth
Vintage Booth Vintage Booth Vintage Booth

The Vintage Booth combines vintage aesthetics with modern technology, offering a seamless fusion of classic charm and cutting-edge functionality. With its vintage-inspired design, including elegant hand crafted oak wood panelling and retro details, this booth becomes a stunning focal point at weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

Capture your memories with the Vintage Booth’s high-quality DSLR camera, ensuring crisp and professional-looking photos every time. The booth also features a user-friendly touch screen interface, making it easy for guests to navigate through various options and settings.

But it’s not just about capturing moments. The Vintage Booth offers an array of exciting features and enhancements to elevate your photo booth experience.

Customize your photos with a selection of gorgeous frames that add a nostalgic touch. Share your memories instantly with the option to text or email photos directly to your phone or share them on social media.