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international confex 2023

16 Jan 2024

Strike A Light

Xtreme Vortex Stand: G10C
  • Strike A Light
  • Strike A Light
  • Strike A Light
Strike A Light Strike A Light Strike A Light

The Strike A Light is a two player reaction game. Simply choose your opponent and stand either side of the table, press the button to start the game and get pressing those lit up buttons! Hit as many buttons as possible in the game time to accumulate a score and check the digital score board on the game at the end to see who was victorious. 


Popular for Brand ActivationCorporate EventsConferencesExhibitionsFamily Fun DaysTeam Building and Parties.

The Strike A Light has branding options making it personalised and bespoke for your event/brand. You can brand the game itself, the scoreboard and also the table the game sits on. 

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