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international confex 2023

04 Dec 2023

Simultaneous Interpretation

AV Department Limited Stand: ETL7
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation Simultaneous Interpretation Simultaneous Interpretation

How does it work?

Simultaneous interpretation is carried out by real people! Interpreters are not expected to be replaced by machine translation at any time soon, as computers have difficulty in coping with humour, sarcasm and physical gesture. AI, though very clever, is no substitute. The interpreter listens to what is being said and at the same time renders what they hear orally in to their specialist language.


Your interpreters are the most important element of any simultaneous interpretation service. There is no substitute for a good, time-served conferencing interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting is another skill-level up from consecutive interpreting, so only qualified interpreters should be used.  The success of your congress is heavily dependent on you being able to understand each other and as such it is a false economy to use a novice interpreter. Interpreting is a very skilled and intensive job and so interpreters work in teams of two for each language.

AVD can help you source interpreters from a number of agencies with whom we have worked in the past.


Interpretation requires specific audio visual equipment. We take care of every element of the process, from the conference microphones in the room through to the delegate receivers and everything in between.

All equipment is ISO standard and is set up, operated and removed by our technical team. This has the following advantages:

  • Excellent working environment for all participants.
  • The best in audio quality.
  • Immediate technical support by the dedicated technician in the room through out the day.
  • Provides the best results for quality of interpretation and participant understanding.
  • Seamless working with multiple languages and relay.
  • Lowest cognitive load for the interpreter allowing them to concentrate on the languages and not the technology.
  • 100% secure if discussing sensitive subjects.