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international confex 2023

29 Jan 2024

Silent Concerts - Live music at low volume

SoniQ Empires Stand: B14C

Immerse yourself in the latest trend at your function with Silent Concerts - a pioneering leap in corporate events, sweeping the globe. SoniQ Empires, a dynamic party band wholeheartedly adopting contemporary tech transformations, is your go-to for private and corporate gatherings. They present an exclusive prospect of transmitting live music straight into the wireless listening devices donned by your attendees.

Borrowing an idea from the growing rage of silent discos, the band introduces a Low Volume Band mode. Such a feature perfectly accommodates environments sensitive to loud sounds while upholding the fervor and liveliness of their performances.

How does it function?

The mechanism is similar to that employed in silent discos, where a live performance is mixed by professional audio engineers and is typically amplified through large speakers. However, in this case, the blend is dispatched to a radio transmitter, which further broadcasts the signals to the headphone sets worn by spectators.

Where is silent live music applicable?

Silent concerts, a fresh and inventive concept, opens up a new range of potential event spaces. Many cultural sites, historic structures, or areas with noise limits typically ban the engagement of live musical instruments, leaving many remarkable spaces neglected. But these are just a few instances. Numerous situations can occur where clients and guests seek a high-spirited festivity with live bands and performers but are restrained due to noise restrictions. In such scenarios, a silent concert may serve as the perfect solution.

Moreover, the silent concert doesn't hinder SoniQ Empires from performing what they excel at - electrifying live shows using Public Address systems. The Silent Concert merely offers an alternate choice under unusual circumstances.