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international confex 2023

Seated Events & Event Registration App

FanGo Stand: ETL15
  • Seated Events & Event Registration App
  • Seated Events & Event Registration App
  • Seated Events & Event Registration App
Seated Events & Event Registration App Seated Events & Event Registration App Seated Events & Event Registration App

QR Scanning App

Using any handheld or fixed smart device, staff can quickly and easily scan customers e-tickets upon arrival to your venue. Customers can either present their e-ticket on their own smart device or show a printed copy. Once an e-ticket has been scanned, the customer is automatically marked as entered.


Interactive Seat Mapping

Our interactive seat mapping feature facilitates the design and build of your own venue allowing customers to select their preferred seats quickly and easily, by simply zooming into their chosen area and then the exact seats.


Multiple Ticket Types

Ticket prices per seat are completely within your control and different pricing bands can be created within each section. You can create single-day, weekend passes, VIP or group tickets and customers can purchase from this range. Extras and or additional packages can be added to each ticket type, for example, a free glass of bubbly with every VIP ticket.


Mobile Optimised

For many demographics, a mobile phone is not only the primary source of information but where most purchases are made. Recognising the need to capitalise on sales, all FanGo eCommerce platforms are fully mobile optimised.



Both the dashboard and reporting can be tailored to your exact requirements. Typically, the real-time data provides an overview of total sales, pace over a selected period and total revenue. The data is displayed using graphs and charts which offer a clear performance overview for each event. All information is easily exported or automatically emailed and can easily be printed or shared, for example, during management meetings.



When customers make a purchase, they receive an automatic email confirmation which includes their e-ticket. All e-tickets are designed using your branding and using any specific text and/or promotion you require. Staff can also manually send customer confirmations and e-receipts.


To incentivise customers, create promo codes offering a discount on their order. These can be created either to reduce a specific price or as a percentage off the total ticket price. You can even run promotions over a specified period and/or restrict the number of uses per order.



Our powerful system is designed to easily handle thousands of eCommerce transactions. Whether you are selling event tickets, pre-orders or merchandise, the FanGo basket feature allows your guests to easily add to and view their order(s) and will automatically save their basket for when they complete the transaction.


Customer account

Your customers can create an account making it easier for them to view and secure tickets for future events. This provides them with a convenient and efficient booking experience and provides you with the opportunity to build a loyal client base.


Social Distancing

FanGo’s industry leading algorithm means your venue can maximise profit by ensuring no single empty seats are left between orders. Additionally, our algorithm can be adjusted to make sure your venue complies with Covid restrictions by automatically making seats a safe distance from one another available to customers.