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international confex 2023

09 Jan 2024


Present Communications Ltd Stand: ETL10
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PresentMCR PresentMCR PresentMCR

But there’s more. Imagine being able to do social edits for an event in real time, without going to the event. Instead, having all the camera feeds broadcast back to the ‘MCR’ and edited there. Or being able to broadcast one session to YouTube, another to Zoom, another to ON24 with it all being managed off site.

And MCR might be used to direct, mix and broadcast a series of roadshow events, without ever having to move the equipment.

And it’s not just about broadcast, it could be remote control. Over Covid, we managed the trackside LED screens for Nascar…. from Ipswich!!

By having all the camera feeds in one place, regardless of the event or filming location, flexibility and opportunity to be creative actually increases and the possibilities are endless.

And as if that isn’t enough, it’s cheaper and has a far lesser impact on the environment due to reduced travel, transport and logistics.

Win win