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international confex 2023

14 Feb 2024

Magicman London

Catch the MICE Stand: G20C
  • Magicman London
  • Magicman London
  • Magicman London
Magicman London Magicman London Magicman London

David Harris, known as Magicman London, is a renowned magician who has significantly impacted the events-entertainment landscape with his mesmerising performances. Below are key highlights of his career, venues where he has showcased his talent, and testimonials from satisfied audience members:


  • Expert in close-up magic.
  • Incorporates storytelling and audience participation for an immersive experience.


  • Featured magician at corporate events and private parties across the UK.
  • Guest appearances on television and magic conventions globally.


  • "David Harris brings magic to life with his incredible talent and charisma. A must-see for any event!" – Emily R., Corporate Event Planner
  • "Magicman London left us spellbound! His blend of humor and magic is perfect for all ages." – Jonathan S., Audience Member
  • "The highlight of our wedding! David's magic was not only entertaining but truly magical, making our special day even more unforgettable." – Sophia L., Bride

David Harris's unique approach to magic, combining technical skill with storytelling, has established him as a beloved performer among audiences of all ages. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of magic ensures every performance is not just a show, but a memorable experience.

Join us on our stand to see 'How the Magic Happens'...

PS - Ask David to show you his 'stick-trick'...