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international confex 2023

14 Feb 2024


Catch the MICE Stand: G20C
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Captello offers comprehensive event management solutions to streamline hosting, including lead capture with flexible automations and integrations, real-time lead importation to CRM and marketing platforms, and personalised follow-up communications. Their services foster engagement through gamification and interactive events, support multi-language voice note transcription, and enable detailed ROI measurement for events. These tools are designed to enhance interactions, attract booth attention, and ensure efficient lead management and follow-up​​.

  • Streamlined lead capture with flexible automation and integrations
  • Real-time lead importation to CRM and marketing platforms
  • Personalised follow-up communications including emails, SMS, and handwritten letters
  • Engagement through gamification and interactive events
  • Voice note transcription with multi-language support
  • Detailed ROI measurement for events

Pop over to the Catch the MICE stand to find out more. Catch the MICE are our official partners in the UK and can advise and demonstrate just what a great solution Captello is for your event lead capture.