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international confex 2023

15 Feb 2024

Venue branding for the Open Text Innovation Tour

Think Ambient Stand: C27C
Venue branding for the Open Text Innovation Tour
Open Text Innovation Tour
Venue branding for the Open Text Innovation Tour

We were asked to provide a variety of printed graphics for the Open Text Innovation Tour at the O2 Intercontinental Hotel in London. The graphics were to be used on various surfaces including windows, walls, lift doors, escalators and much more! The graphics needed to be easy to apply and easy to remove at the end of the event, as well as 100% damage free.

We recommended a number of different products as there was a variety of different surfaces that needed to be branded. From our wide range of versatile products, we were able to suggest the appropriate material for each surface, including:
CLINGZ - Our electrostatic material was perfect for the windows and walls as it ‘sticks’ to virtually any surface without tape, tacks or adhesives.
PHLEX - Our unique fabric media was used on the lift doors, wooden doors and inside the lifts, where higher adhesion qualities were required.
SKINZ - Ultra Clear SKINZ was recommended for use on the glass mezzanine and on the glass escalator panels. SKINZ is made from a unique substrate that literally ‘sucks’ on to smooth surfaces.
SKINZ FLOOR - The tiled floors of the event were branded using SKINZ Floor, which has an anti-slip laminate for additional safety.