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international confex 2023

19 Dec 2022

The true costs of sustainable events.

Identilam Stand: E26C
The true costs of sustainable events.
Circular economy of events
Knowing your event is sustainable is one thing but for attendees to recognise that as well speaks volumes.

In the effort to regain revenue lost from the pandemic, event providers have run run more events this year; some running the same events over multiple weekends. With this growth will come more requirements for event sustainability especially if they’re here to stay.  It is very much at the top of the agenda for live music and sporting events providers.

Event planners are challenged with trimming the fat through the event's supply chain.  From the caterers' food wastage being composted, sustainable cutlery, water bottle filling stations, zero single use plastic, paperless ticketing using, promoting car shares and public transport to renewable energy, are all extremely valid and at the crux of embracing sustainability in the events industry.

For the event goers, the one thing they can take with them as well as their memories of the events, is their lanyard, wristband or pass . What better way to promote sustainability in the events industry than with their first point of contact when entering, and offering them the chance to recycled their accreditation if they would like.  If the right message and education is supplied the culture will and has had a cosmic shift, looking to Glastonbury this year with an incredible 99.3% of tents taken home.  Everybody has a part to play and played it well.

At ID&C we are in the process of pulling event waste into the recycling stream for our products and we look forward to sharing our developments in due course.  We want to dispel the myth that eco-friendly event accreditation is more expensive; when you look at the circular economy of an event.  Can you put a tangible price on added value, return against recycling investment plus the offering and message you send to event goer?  Our eco ranges from both ID&C and Identilam have increased rapidly since 2019 and believe the answer is no it’s not the price it’s the education.  Knowing your event is sustainable is one thing but for attendees to recognise that as well speaks volumes and payback.