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international confex 2023

26 Nov 2023

Snapmatic Unveils Revolutionary AI Photobooth. Setting a New Standard for Brand Experiences.

Snapmatic Stand: C28C
Snapmatic Unveils Revolutionary AI Photobooth. Setting a New Standard for Brand Experiences.
Snapmatic''s AI Booth in Action!
Revolutionary AI Photobooth for Live events has launched!

Snapmatic Unveils Revolutionary AI Photobooth. Setting a New Standard for Brand Experiences.

London, 18th September 2023

Snapmatic, the leading platform for photographic brand experiences across hybrid, virtual, and live events, has shattered the boundaries of technology and creativity with the launch of its groundbreaking Snapmatic AI Photobooth. Introduced in May 2023, this state-of-the-art innovation leverages artificial intelligence to craft unparalleled, personalised brand interactions that captivate audiences like never before.

Snapmatic's AI Technology Redefines Event Photographic Activations:

In a rapidly evolving events market, Snapmatic stands as a beacon of innovation, thanks to its distinctive approach to generative AI image creation. Unlike conventional AI photobooths that often apply AI enhancements as filters or overlays, or rely on a single image for varied likeness outputs, the Snapmatic AI Booth distinguishes itself by focusing on delivering consistent, high-quality results through its comprehensive likeness training and cloud GPU capabilities.

Consistency is Key:

Snapmatic's primary objective in developing its system is to instil confidence in this emerging technology. By ensuring consistent results, Snapmatic empowers brands to harness the captivating potential of AI image generation, fostering wonder and interest among event attendees.

Controlled Environment:

Snapmatic's unique approach extends to controlling the environment for input images, eliminating noise and inconsistencies that can arise from user image uploads. This meticulous control guarantees high-quality, uniform outputs.

A Live Event Game-Changer:

Snapmatic's live event AI image solution distinguishes itself in two fundamental ways. Firstly, it is purpose-built for live events, delivering results in a mere 5 minutes. Secondly, it achieves unparalleled accuracy of likeness through multiple-image AI training, an achievement unattainable with single-image captures.

No Compromises on Quality:

Snapmatic meticulously curates input images, avoiding low-quality selfies or subpar user uploads to maintain the highest standards for output quality.

Brand-Centric Collaboration:

Snapmatic collaborates closely with brands and agencies to shape the AI-generated output, aligning it with brand appearance, campaign narratives, and representation. This creative synergy is refined by Snapmatic's prompt engineers, integrated into the production pipeline, and rigorously tested for consistency and alignment with the brand's vision.

Global Reach:

The Snapmatic AI booth is already delivering exceptional brand experiences on a global scale, setting a new standard for engagement and interactivity.


Snapmatic's AI Photobooth redefines the possibilities of brand experiences at events, merging cutting-edge technology with creativity to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. For more information, please visit or contact


About Snapmatic:

Snapmatic is a pioneering platform for photographic brand experiences, specialising in hybrid, virtual, and live events. With a commitment to innovation, Snapmatic combines advanced AI technology with creative collaboration to transform events into unforgettable brand experiences.

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