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international confex 2023

26 Feb 2024

Snapmatic AI Photo Booth Gen 2

Snapmatic Stand: C28C
Snapmatic AI Photo Booth  Gen 2
Gen 2 has arrived!
Snapmatic releases Gen 2 Generative AI brand marketing experience

We were first out of the stalls with the launch of our AI booth all the way back in May 2023 - but we are not resting on our laurels just yet.

With the rapidly developing world of AI Image generation it's innovate or be left in the dust.

That’s the choice we faced back in October 2023, and as a result, have rebuilt our entire pipeline to take advantage of the latest developments in the Generative AI landscape. 

We’ve launched Snapmatic AI Gen 2 - and will be showcasing this at CONFEX, Excel London in February.

Gen 2 contains a number of features including:

  • One-shot image creation with significantly reduced generation times

  • Updated output models for enhanced image generations

  • Reduced hardware onsite

  • Web deployments for virtual and hybrid events

  • Improved quality outputs

  • Reduced generation time

  • Increased Scalability

  • Group shots (coming soon!)

We are now able to output upscaled personalized full generative AI branded outputs images in an average of 10 - 15 seconds each.

This is a HUGE improvement on our Gen 1 product, that averages approximately 5 minutes to output 8 images. 

We’ve also invested in our server capacity, and are able to launch full marketing campaigns, running multiple high volume events simultaneously from our self-hosted AI GPU workstations.

Coupled with our experience creating custom AI images for major brands through the course of 2023, and into the first weeks of 2024, we are in the brilliant position of having an amazing driver for your activations that can be fully bespoke brand collaborations.

We could continue to wax lyrical about how much better our solutions are, but we won’t, instead we invite you to test it out yourself. Come visit us at International CONFEX on the 28-29th February 

If you are London based, we have an AI booth setup at the Flux Innovation Lounge in North Greenwich or arrange a visit to our Tech lab in outer London (WD17)

Contact to arrange a visit. 

Or if you are further afield, we can arrange a web demo