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international confex 2023


The Lowry Hotel Stand: SH1

Traditional spa treatments are history – replaced by a growing movement of new therapies with cryotherapy, meditation pods and sensory deprivation high on the agenda of Hollywood celebrities including Zac Efron, Jennifer Aniston, Daniel Craig and Kendall Jenner.

For the first time ‘The Holy Trinity of Hollywood’ can now be enjoyed under one roof at a five-star hotel in Manchester, where all three A-list-adored treatments are available for guests to enjoy consecutively in a UK first. The Lowry Hotel has since seen success following the launch of ‘RE:TREAT’ a luxury wellness spa destination, home to the UK’s first £750,000 technology-first spa.

Working with world-leading partners, Icepod®, Somadome® and I-sopod®, RE:TREAT offers guests a combination of treatments which cannot be found at any other spa hotel in the UK – providing guests with the ultimate Hollywood experience on the banks of The River Irwell in Manchester city centre.

Whether its submerging into a sensory deprivation tank like Zac Efron, a dark, soundproof tank filled with a salt water said to increase well-being and creativity in under an hour, or slipping into a cryotherapy chamber like Jennifer Aniston or Daniel Craig for full body exposure to freezing temperatures to help promote sleep and lymphatic drainage – the celebrity holy grail of treatments are now available at RE:TREAT. 

In a bid to revolutionise the destination spa experience, RE:TREAT acutely considers soft and hard wellness influences across the four wellness groups – spiritual, emotional, physical and social – ensuring guests feel not only physically refreshed and Hollywood-ready, but mentally rejuvenated.

RE:TREAT offers wellness experiences which goes beyond the norm through a combination of classes, facilities and treatments which invoke a greater sense of wellbeing.

The luxury spa features four spacious treatment rooms, a relaxation area – a zen space with loungers to sooth the senses, as well as technology advanced equipment, a multifunctional fitness studio which will be used for a variety of fitness and wellbeing classes, and a brow & lash bar.  

Designed to evoke a sense of calm on arrival, the spa boasts soft pink hues and a neutral colour palette with exposed terracotta walls, light wooden features, warm lighting, and rattan accessories, with nods to natural tropics – alongside a living moss wall which captures the ambience of wellness and peace perfectly.

With tranquility and relaxation at the heart, RE:TREAT showcases traditional spa treatments including massages and facials with ELEMIS, in addition to a new, bespoke, sustainable and organic treatment menu created with spa partner, Grown Alchemist, which features alongside local Manchester natural skincare brand GAIA.

RE:TREAT will also be working with a range of in-house experts, including Assure Health and The Complete Health Clininic to provide guests with a multi-sensory spa experience, ranging from IV drips, to diagnostic health ultrasound scans, to weight loss coaching and more.

Natasha Bowles, Spa Operations Manager at The Lowry Hotel said: “Our current hotel spa boasts the most highly trained therapists in the city.

“The level of care and attention given on any visit to The Spa at The Lowry Hotel is unrivalled.

“Now with the creation of RE:TREAT, the spa is individual in its ability to provide guests with world-renowned technologically advanced treatments all under one roof.

“We are delighted to be the first UK hotel spa to offer such a variety of distinct offerings.

Individual treatments are available, alongside packages including the perfectly winter-apt ‘Warm & Cosy’ inclusive of 60 minutes of treatments and a cup of hot chocolate, as well as the ‘Balanced and Grounded’ package which offers one 60-minute treatment, access to Somadome alongside a smoothie – both with luxury robes, slippers and towels included.

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Icepod®, (cryotherapy chamber) - Popular with celebrities including Will Smith, Daniel Craig & Professor Green

  • Full body exposure to freezing temperatures for therapeutic recovery and wellness purposes
  • The benefits of cryotherapy cover sports & recuperation – speeding up recovery time, reduced stiffness, and improved tissue healing. Healthcare & pain – providing immediate pain relief, anti-inflammatory action & enhanced blood circulation. Wellbeing – resets the system, promotes relaxation & sleep & lymphatic drainage
  • Sessions are approximately 3 minutes long and the recommended session usage/frequency varies subject to the reason for use/desired outcome

Somadome® (meditation pod) – Popular with celebrities including Wayne Rooney and and Novak Djokovi

  • A personal meditation pod that provides meaningful stress relief in 20-minutes using binaural beat meditation, magnetic therapy plus LED colour and healing light therapy
  • The Somadome has an extensive list of benefits including (but not limited to) mindful relaxation, positive effects on mental illness, improved mood, higher attention span, pain reduction, reduced anxiety, lessened stress and skin benefits.

I-sopod® (sensory deprivation tank)

Popular with celebrities including Emma Watson and Elle MacPherson

  • A sensory deprivation tank, also called an isolation tank or flotation tank, is used for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). It is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with a foot or less of salt water.
  • Benefits of its use include (but not limited to) reduced stress, significantly reduced pain, lower blood pressure, lower stress hormone levels such as cortisol, invokes a greater sense of well-being, increased optimism, and a positive mindset, speeds up recuperation and recovery from both exercise and injuries & enhances creativity.



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