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02 Feb 2024

Hollywood Monster Leads the Way in Sustainable Signage

Hollywood Monster Stand: B30C
Hollywood Monster Leads the Way in Sustainable Signage
Hollywood Monster say no to PVC
Hollywood Monster, one of the UK's foremost printing and signage contractors, is on a mission to reduce harmful plastic signage and encourage event organisers across the world to choose sustainable alternatives to harmful plastics.

Are you a part of the events industry seeking to make a positive impact on the environment?

The Environmental Challenge

The events industry is increasingly aware of the adverse effects of plastic waste on our planet. Attendees and performers are demanding sustainability, pushing organisers to adopt eco-friendly practices. While many are taking steps like using biodegradable or reusable items and providing water refill stations, the industry still generates substantial waste.

According to Powerful Thinking, the UK festival industry alone produces approximately 23,500 tons of waste annually, with only 32% being recycled. The rest ends up in landfills or incinerated.

Hollywood Monster believes it can help reduce the event industry’s reliance on plastic with revolutionary sustainable signage solutions.

Innovative Sustainable Signage Materials

Hollywood Monster pioneers eco-friendly materials that reduce the reliance on UVPC signage.

Our revolutionary Kavalan range, consisting of a water-based coated material, has been proven to perform with excellence, maintaining the same level of quality and customer experience as traditional PVC banners. In just 12 months, it has saved 132.3 tonnes of carbon from polluting our air and diverted thousands of metres of material from landfill.

Our new plastic-free materials are not just environmentally responsible but also high-quality, affordable and durable.

Affordable Sustainability

To show our commitment to wiping out plastic signage, we are absorbing the 20% cost increase associated with manufacturing eco-friendly materials. This means we are able to provide our customers with revolutionary eco-friendly signage materials at the same cost as non-sustainable alternatives.

Our commitment has already reduced 80% of the signage we produce from ending up in landfill, with plans to offer a 100% sustainable range by 2025 and negate the need for PVC altogether.

Take the Leap into Sustainability

Join Hollywood Monster in our quest to transform the events industry by embracing sustainable signage solutions and making your next event not only memorable, but environmentally responsible.

To learn more about Hollywood Monster's efforts to reduce landfill and the manufacturing of harmful plastics, visit