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international confex 2023

01 Jan 2023

Fun Facts and the Work Life / Balance

Sneaky Experience Stand: J30C

A recent Workhuman and Gallup study found many employees are drifting from their organisations, even when they are not actually leaving their jobs.

Only 1 in 4 employees strongly agree they feel connected to their company culture.

Only 1 in 3 feel that they ‘belong’ at their company.  

Of the many benefits of better engagement – and there are many – one should stand out:

‘Highly engaged teams sell 20% more than teams with low engagement’ (People Metrics)

We all know that remote work has only exacerbated this situation, with recruitment, retention and ongoing engagement being major challenges for any forward-looking, ambitious business.

The need to create connections, increase team bonding and strengthen employer branding is therefore strong.

Culture, engagement and wellbeing are all critical to success. They are also much discussed.

But when it comes to delivery, one word is conspicuous by its absence:  


That’s where we come in.

By working with you to understand your objectives and culture, we can develop experiences for you that are memorable and engaging; that will excite and inspire your teams.

Never underestimate the power of fun. Laughter and smiles lead to better relationships, communication and trust.  

We’re talking smiles with a strategy – the best way to tell your story while creating learning and bonding opportunities for your business.

We’ve delivered 100,00 smiles this last year and we’d love to discuss how we could use our business to assist you with yours.