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international confex 2023

Discover SoniQ Empires' CGI-enhanced Performances

SoniQ Empires Stand: B14C
Discover SoniQ Empires' CGI-enhanced Performances
Blending live music with dynamic CGI technology, creating immersive, audio-visual spectacles at every event

In the vibrant panorama of live music, SoniQ Empires stands out, redefining immersive shows through a unique fusion of quality music and cutting-edge technology, particularly Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

Picture this: At a corporate event, as the lights dim and hypnotic musical strains envelop the space, a captivating spectacle unfolds. SoniQ Empires brings an electrifying energy to the stage while a synchronised CGI-created robot dances dynamically on a gigantic LED screen in the backdrop, enchanting the audience.

Our latest creative venture delves into the world of CGI and advanced 3D modelling, bringing to life a gig-dancing robot, which has quickly become a crowd pleaser. Moving beyond mere musical performances, this synchronization with our CGI character offers a novel, interactive experience.

Our commitment to innovation is visible through this technological marvel, a CGI character, transforming a regular performance into a fusion of visual and auditory delight. SoniQ Empires is constantly pushing boundaries and exploring CGI's limitless potential to offer breathtaking landscapes and real-time music-based interactions – all contributing towards an unforgettable concert experience.

In conclusion, SoniQ Empires isn't just a band but a symbiosis of musical artists, technology enthusiasts and innovators, revolutionizing the live music scenario one event at a time. Prepare to be captivated by an audio-visual spectacle, perfectly harmonized with every rhythm and note, at a SoniQ Empires show. Feel the future of live music come alive with us. Welcome to SoniQ Empires.