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international confex 2023

11 May 2021

Synthetic Ice Rink Hire

Simply The Best Events Stand: C04C
  • Synthetic Ice Rink Hire
  • Synthetic Ice Rink Hire
  • Synthetic Ice Rink Hire
Synthetic Ice Rink Hire Synthetic Ice Rink Hire Synthetic Ice Rink Hire

Our synthetic ice rinks and barriers are made from a strong ultra-density polythene which means they do not warp, crack, splinter or corrode. All of our rinks are made from 1-metre square slabs that uniquely connect together. Our barriers also attach to the edge of the rink to ensure complete safety for everyone.

In the past, we have also made rinks that incorporate a company’s branding and fit into their marketing campaign seamlessly. We have a team of dedicated in-house designers that are committed to meeting the requirements of those wanting a non-conventional synthetic ice rink package. This allows colours, sizes, shapes and dimensions of the floor and barriers to be made to specification to maximise brand identity and impact. For more information on what our packages include, 

Below is an example of our most commonly requested sizes, but please keep in mind that we can work with you for flexible shapes and sizes suited to your venue.

Rink Size Square Metre Max No. of Skaters Staff Installation Time
6×5 30 10 2 1
9×8 72 24 2 2
10×10 100 34 2 3
16×8 128 43 3 3
12×12 144 48 3 4
20×10 200 67 3 5
20×15 300 100 3 8

Custom Synthetic ice rink sizes are available on request with custom branding options.