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international confex 2023

Snapmatic AI Photobooth

Snapmatic Stand: C28C
  • Snapmatic AI Photobooth
  • Snapmatic AI Photobooth
  • Snapmatic AI Photobooth
Snapmatic AI Photobooth Snapmatic AI Photobooth Snapmatic AI Photobooth

Revolutionize Your Brand Engagement with Snapmatic AI Innovative Event Experience Technology

Introducing Snapmatic’s groundbreaking event experience technology, seamlessly blending your brand campaign with audience connection through the enchantment of AI-generated images.

Immerse Your Audience, Effortlessly

Experience an effortless and enjoyable way to immerse your audience in your brand’s universe, cultivating genuine enthusiasts and advocates. They'll eagerly share and rave about their favorite experiences and brands.

Your Ticket to Elevated Engagement

Whether orchestrating a fan zone, an exhibit activation, or a conference breakout, the Snapmatic AI booth is your key to driving substantial foot traffic and heightened interest across all your events.

Tailored for Live Events

Crafted specifically for live events, our generative AI technology swiftly merges camera-captured images with your pre-defined visual storyline, creating a fresh, distinctive narrative for each participant.

Collaborative Excellence

Beyond technology, the Snapmatic team collaborates closely with agencies and clients to train the AI system using provided brand imagery well before deployment. This crucial step sets us apart, ensuring precise likeness, preserving brand narratives, and consistently delivering top-quality results.

Elevate Your Brand Engagement Today

Immerse your audience in an unforgettable brand experience with Snapmatic’s innovative event technology. Connect with us to explore how our AI-generated imagery can transform and elevate your events.

Contact us at for further details and to arrange a demo.