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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Will You Marry Me? The Shift From Short-Term Engagement to Long-Lasting Relationships

02 Mar 2023
Sales & Marketing Excellence Theatre

It’s been amazing to watch the transformation of events as a marketing channel over the past few years. In many ways, the new reach and engagement potential of events have made them even more valuable for marketers. But short-lived, temporary engagements can often leave both the organisation and the event host feeling empty and wondering if there was any depth to the relationship to begin with.

Are your attendees not answering your calls after the date? Are you, as the organiser, giving your audience the attention they crave between date nights? Or is everyone feeling like they've been ghosted?

Join this focused counselling session hosted by your very own in-house marketing relationship guru, Felicia Asiedu, as she unpacks how you can keep connected and create year-round engagement through both your content and your events that will help you build deeper and more personal relationships with your audience that will last a lifetime.

Felicia Asiedu, Senior Marketing Manager - Cvent