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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Pinpointing the Event Tech you need to succeed

02 Mar 2023
Event Tech Theatre
Event Tech

Event Tech has exploded – the variety, promise and potential has increased exponentially, whilst confusion and overwhelm amongst event profs has increased in equal measure.
In this session, Vanessa Lovatt and Merijn van Buuren will share how you can compartmentalise event tech selection to make sure that it will:
1) Deliver the outcomes that you need – for attendees, sponsors, speakers and internal stakeholders
2) Fit with existing tech and amplify your current tools and tech
3) Be easily adopted for fast ROI
4) Put you in the driving seat, not the vendors
Whether you are looking for better data, improves customer experience, better reporting or simply to streamline tech tools, there’ll be useful info to prepare you for event tech success.

Merijn van Buuren, Founder/CEO - Event Mender
Vanessa Lovatt, Event Sector Analyst - Independent