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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


How to engage and inspire a global workforce of 70,000 in a single event

02 Mar 2023
Association & Corporate Event Theatre
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A transformational experience to engage and inspire a global workforce of 70,000 under a new brand, purpose and culture. GSK’s largest and most ambitious live global event with their best ever employee engagement.

Toucan created, led and managed the entire production, including a live multi-site global broadcast, unique 3D platform and flagship London event, plus engagement-boosting watching parties all over the world and hours of inspirational content. An incredible 39K attendees, with 26K viewing online and 12K spread across 235 watching parties, creating a moment of connection where everyone felt welcome, valued, included, and inspired.

“Our goal was to make this event different – an experience – because unlike a normal broadcast, experiences stick with people, experiences mean something to people and experiences are memorable for people. This is what you need when you’re trying to get people moving #AheadTogether in the same direction.” (Head of Global Employee Engagement, Global Campaigns, GSK). A story of increased engagement through collaboration and imagination, presented by Toucan Agency's MD and Founder, Lynn Chambers.

Lynn Chambers, Managing Director - Toucan