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International Confex 2023

international confex 2023


Experience! - What do attendees need from their association's events programme?

01 Mar 2023
Association & Corporate Event Theatre
Association Events

In this session Rob Eveleigh will explore trends surrounding attendee engagement, and what the modern attendee really needs to get out of an association meeting with three expert's in their fields. The panel will include Rory Archibald of New Intent, and one or two others who are yet to be confirmed.

The session will explore contemporary challenges such as content delivery, social interaction, equality, inclusivity and diversity, and how, through the creation of attendee personas, complex needs can be mapped onto successful meeting objectives.

The outcome of the session should be that participants have a broader understanding of the complexities of attendee-centric meeting planning and take specific learnings back to their organizations to implement.

Nika Kurent
Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director - Brightelm
Rory Archibald, Founder - New Intent
Sarah Ameson, Sales Manager - ICC Wales